What is the Best Online Streaming Website?

There actually isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. For example, Sony Pictures’ Crackle is the top choice of those who want to watch full-length movies without paying anything.

Best For Movie Streaming

Popcornflix is more or less the same as Crackle. They stream a selection of free movies that visitors can watch without even creating an account. The reason we rank it lower than Crackle is that the quality of the video definitely needs improvement.

Viewster is another popular online streaming website. You can watch a large number of free movies there as well, but you have to put up with some annoying commercials and ads. The facts that you can watch some TV shows for free and the video quality is reasonable make up for this.

Most Popular

Let’s stop for a moment and think. What’s the first name that comes to mind when we think of online streaming?

It’s YOUTUBE, of course! It started on Valentine’s Day, 2005, and its popularity has been growing steadily ever since. Since it streams user-uploaded content, the video quality isn’t always great, but you can find videos about anything, from cooking to car fixing and gardening.

The content is organized into channels, where the most popular users, or Youtubers, upload new content on daily basis.

Some of them are so good with the camera that their videos actually tell engaging stories about socially important events. These users call themselves Vloggers.

Most online streaming websites are places where Intenet users go to watch some content. YouTube is more than that. It is also a powerful social interaction tool.

Once the popularity of your channel starts growing, meaning that it begins to engage more and more people with its content, companies will start asking you to advertise their products on it.

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