Magento VS BigCommerce: Which is the Better Ecommerce Platform?

Magento and BigCommerce are the two most popular e-commerce platforms. In this article we’ll try to answer the rather difficult question of which one is better.


Both Magento and E-commerce fare equally well with regard to front-end features. Magento is a versatile and flexible platform, whose look is customizable to user preferences. Its front end does not limit you to a fixed number of templates and built-in designs.

Once you master the ropes, you can play around with the platform to maximize your customers’ shopping experience. On the whole, however, Magento’s interface and functionalities take some time to learn.

BigCommerce is the choice of most budding online merchants, owing mostly to its simpler interface. At the same time, it is jam-packed with new features such as live chat, various coupon options, and even product filtering.


Magento is definitely not a platform for novices. If you want to set up an online store with this platform, you will most probably need to hire an experienced developer to do the job for you, which can cost a fortune.

BigCommerce is an easily manageable e-commerce platform that requires no previous experience from its users because its design is pretty much intuitive.

Should you ever encounter any issues, there is a phone support service that you can call for help. Alternatively, you can try to find the answer to your question on one of the platform’s support forums.

Online Marketing

With regard to social media and online marketing, Magento may not be your most reliable ally, since its marketing tools are quite rudimentary. On the other hand, BigCommerce has many features that make it more SEO-friendly than its closest rival.

Final Verdict

In view of the above facts, we think that BigCommerce has a slight edge over Magento in the e-commerce field.

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