WordPress Vs Wix: Things You Should Know

In this article we will be looking at the most important things that you should know about WordPress and Wix – two popular website builders.


First, both website building platforms offer a vast array of features. However, WordPress’s portfolio seems to contain a bit more of these and theirs are also far more versatile. Wix’s, on the other hand, are more user-friendly.


It is not easy to tell which is cheaper. Wix’s free monthly plan does not offer much more than what its name suggests. While WordPress itself is free, you have to pay for a number of functions that get your website to actually work.


Because WordPress is an open source software, anyone with a minimum knowledge of programming and coding can try their hand in creating their own theme or plugin. As a result, most of the free plugins and themes are of dubious quality.

Wix does not offer so much flexibility when it comes to theme and plugin development. However, the themes and plugins that they offer are flawless. Wix has an in-house team of developers that make sure your website building experience is 100% hassle free.


Although WordPress appears to be more popular than Wix, judging by its ever-growing online community, its flexibility makes it far more complex to use.

Building a website with Wix is a lot like cooking. First, you go and pick the plugins and functions that you need: shopping cart buttons, paragraphs, pictures, slideshows. Next, you directly drop them into the website builder and arrange them to your preference.

Final Word

WordPress is the right solution for people who already have some experience in website building. Wix, on the other hand, is the better option for those with little or no previous experience with website construction and management.