Before you launch your blog or website, it is important to find the answer to the title question. Good hosting is as important to the success of your WordPress website as a good plot of land would be to the success of a house building project.

WordPress Powers 1/3 of the Internet

A recent survey by W3Techs on the usage of various types of technologies on the web reveals that WordPress usage currently stands at 31.8%, having gained 0.4% since August 1st, 2018. In view of the latest trends, it is well worth studying our top three WordPress hosting providers listed below.

Tech experts unanimously agree that a WordPress website thrives best in a rich hosting environment and distinguish Siteground, DreamHost and BlueHost as “The Holy Trinity” of WordPress hosting. Here is why.

 # 3 DreamHost

DreamHost has been around for eighteen years now, and given the rapidly developing field of website hosting, this fact is quite telling. The company claims to be the only hosting provider with a 97-day money back guarantee and promises to help the WordPress site of every beginner gain a solid and professional look.

With DreamHost you practically do not risk anything, because their Shared Starter plan costs just $2.59 a month. For this pocket-friendly price you get one website, unlimited traffic and SSD storage.

But that’s not all – this plan also includes a free SSL certificate, the option to add an email address, as well as the lucrative offer to buy a .COM for $9.95 a year, including free privacy.

# 2 SiteGround

This is also a stable and reliable website hosting provider that is most famous for their outstanding technical support. Their cheapest monthly subscription plan costs EUR 3.95, which is just a bit more than the starter plan of the previous candidate.

The subscription plan that makes SiteGround really stand out from the crowd is their GrowBig plan that currently sells at EUR 6.45 per month. It comes with some very useful WordPress managed services. Of these, WordPress SuperCacher is the most lucrative, because it normally sells as part of some high-end WordPress hosting offerings.

And The Winner is…

What makes BlueHost the best hosting for WordPress websites? The user-friendliness of their interface. Also, the steps you need to take in order to get your WordPress site up and running are explained in normal words, without heavy tech slang.

BlueHost is also the only web hosting provider to boast a “One-click setup”. Well, we have found out it certainly takes more than one click to complete the set-up process. The important thing is that each of the several steps one needs to take is more than easy to complete.

The simple installation process is well-complemented by BlueHost’s WordPress-centric dashboards and tools, along with a free domain name, email and FTP. WordPress calls BlueHost’s customer support legendary. It suffices to say that it is fast, responsive, and reliable. Generally, they’re a provider we’d recommend.

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